20 Super Helpful Adobe After Effects Tips & Shortcuts

20 Super Helpful Adobe After Effects Tips & Shortcuts


So, if you have ever used Adobe After Effects, you know it is a really powerful program. It is so powerful, in fact, that you can use it for decades and still learn new tips, tricks and workflows that will surprise you. I came across a tutorial recently that quickly touches on some really helpful tips and shortcuts that will help you animate better and faster.  We hope you find it helpful:

20 Useful Tricks in After Effects


1. Keyframe Velocity (CTRL+SHIFT+K) at 0:20
2. Mini-Flowchart (TAB) at 2:20
3. Align Tools at 2:59
4. Replacing Images at 4:15
5. System Color Picker at 5:07
6. Render Presets at 6:22
7. Cycle Mask Colors at 7:47
8. Math at 8:37
9. Gradient Overlays at 9:26
10. Reverse Keyframes at 10:33
11. Expressions to Keyframes at 11:15
12. Splitting Layers (CTRL+SHIFT+D) at 12:10
13. Guide Layers at 12:47
14. Moving Masks (Space bar) at 13:57
15. Creating a Motion Path from a Mask at 15:08
16. Scaling Multiple Keyframes (Alt+Click and drag) at 16:22
17. Copying Paths from Illustrator at 16:56
18. Maximize Frame with a Shortcut (~) at 17:34
19. Rendering Comps Out of Media Encoder (CTRL+ALT+M) at 18:14
20. Close Panel and Frame with a Shortcut (CTRL+W, CTRL+ALT+W) at 19:01