Latest Technology For Cinema Screens from Samsung

Latest Technology For Cinema Screens from Samsung

Big leaps forward have been made at the cinema screen level also. For over 120 years, cinemas have used projectors to their move screens but now Samsung has developed the Onyx LED Screens.


The screens have been installed in a few major cities across the world such as Los Angeles, USA, Beijing, China, Zurich, Switzerland, and Sydney, Australia.


The large screens are so clear that they look like giant T.V.’s.


With the development of Samsung’s Onyx Cinema LED screen, moviegoers have been introduced to a whole new cinema experience, offering a never-before-seen level of immersive viewing experience.


The level of colors from the deep blacks, brightness, and color accuracy, coupled with the contrast ratios and never-before-seen detail, puts these new LED screens at the absolute forefront of cinema screens, making them in the same league as Sony’s MicroLED B-Series displays.


As the Onyx screens are LED technology, cinemas will be able to deliver movies in 4K resolution along with HDR (high dynamic range) content. Moving away from the projector allows for ambient light that won’t affect and degrade the picture quality as is often the case with traditional movie screens.

Brightness Comparable to The MicroLED Screens

One of the most notable improvements is with the brightness. The LED screens not only offer brightness levels 10 times greater than that of a projector but are able to produce sharper detail and a far greater viewing experience.


Due to the limitations a projector has, cinemas have had to choose between brightness and the quality of colors. The Samsung Onyx Cinema LED offers no such compromise and is able to deliver both color accuracy and peak brightness.

3D Capabilities

Samsung’s Onyx Cinema LED offers both traditional and 3D versions, with 3D screens offering an even higher level of realism and colors to further improve the viewing experience.


Another great feature, particularly for cinema operators, is that additional seating can be installed in each cinema as there is no need for a projector room at the rear of the cinema.