How to Use Our Virtual Backgrounds for Online Meetings & Zoom Conferences

How to Use Our Virtual Backgrounds for Online Meetings & Zoom Conferences

Because of the recent Corona Virus, more people than ever are meeting online and using video conferences. But what do you do if your office is messy or less than appealing as a backdrop?

If you're are like us, you replace your background with a virtual scene!

Any of our virtual sets will work with any online meeting software that can import mp4 files. We have also setup a brand new section of our site with single backgrounds that you can use to amuse your co-workers and clients.

And the best part? You don’t even need to setup a green screen behind you, it works even without one. But you can still get fancy with a green screen setup if you want to!


So follow along with the steps below to be the highlight of your next online meeting!



Download Zoom and setup a free acount. It’s free for most meetings and is one of the best!



Launch Zoom and click your user icon (if you haven’t setup a user icon, it should be your initials)

Next, click settings.



In settings, find the virtual background button and click it. If you have a webcam setup, you should see yourself:



Click the + icon above the built in sets and choose the image or video you would like to replace your backdrop.



Have fun! You can load multiple backdrops in and change them whenever you feel like it. If you have a looping video, it can be used as your background as well.


More fun meeting backgrounds available here: 


Stay safe out there, we appreciate you…


The Virtual Set Lab Team