Filming Multi Camera Outdoor Scenes and Productions

Check out this great article from Newtek about filming outdoors with multiple cameras, there are some good tips here: When moving a production from the cool, safe, dry studio to the great outdoors – in other words – exterior production, a greater element of risk is introduced. Exterior shoots require extra planning, above and beyond that of the studio due to four major factors: Space, Public, Light and Weather. These factors present huge risk-reward considerations and the wise producer calculates each with meticulous precision. Pre-Production Space: Space, involves what you are shooting (including the audience), the space around what you are shooting in which you will place your cameras, cranes, dollies, cables and personnel. Look hard at the venue when it’s empty, during a location scout one or more days before the shoot. Try to imagine what it will look like full of people (both sober and inebriated), look for safe spaces that are out of the way, yet convenient to your production and above all defensible from theft and traffic.