Minimal City News Studio

The Minimal City News Studio is a contemporary virtual set designed for flexibility and ease of use for ANY video editor. With removable LCD screens, a replaceable skyline, studio desk and multiple format options, this studio is perfect for nearly any production.  Due to popular demand, we have set up this set in multiple formats for quick and easy editing. 

This set is available in the following formats: Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Effects, vMix and PNG transparent graphics.  If you have any questions about which format is right for you, please ask one of our experts to guide you.



The PNG format is perfect for use in nearly any graphics, editing or animation software.

PNG is a preferred format for many video editors due to it's lossless format and ability to incorporate transparent areas into the image.

In this project pack, you will receive XX PNG formatted layers that can then be imported into the video editor of your choice. Studio Layers include: City Background, Studio Layer (with and without TV Monitor Areas) and foreground desk (isolated).

BONUS ITEMS INCLUDED: Social Media Lower Thirds / Titles


Our Photoshop version of the set is for use in Adobe Photoshop. It includes a PSD version of the studio organized cleanly into folders and groups. TV Monitor Elements can be turned on/off and monitor content can be changed via editing smart objects.

BONUS ITEMS INCLUDED: Social Media Lower Thirds / Titles


Editors who use Adobe Premiere will want to use this handy project file. This project opens in premiere and is organized intro project sequences and layers to make using this set a breeze. Monitor areas can be turned on/off and multiple presenter position options are also included. 

Includes HD (1920 X 1080) and 4K (3040 X 2160) Project Templates.

BONUS ITEMS INCLUDED: Social Media Lower Thirds / Titles & 3D Animated Monitor Pack!



Our Adobe After Effects version of this virtual set is specifically built for Adobe After Effects users. The project is broken down into compositions, layers and folders to make video editing quick & efficient. Also included are multiple locations and positions for the presenter as well as some basic virtual camera moves.

Includes HD (1920 X 1080) and 4K (3040 X 2160) Project Templates.

BONUS ITEMS INCLUDED: Social Media Lower Thirds / Titles & 3D Animated Monitor Pack!



Live streamers we've got you covered! In our vMix version, you can import or drop the template into your virtual sets folder. After that, you will find easily be able to use this live studio in your next video production. Quickly and easily turn on/off element and presenter positions. Find out more about vMix here.

BONUS ITEMS INCLUDED: Social Media Lower Thirds / Titles


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