THE MOST POPular & easy to use virtual set solution in the world.

Join over 31,442+ empowered video editors, presenters & communicators using out virtual set backgrounds. 

The Best Virtual Sets for Green Screen Productions...

At Virtual Set Lab, we specialize in downloadable virtual sets that are used in green screen video productions. Our backgrounds are dynamic, pro level quality and extremely versatile. 

Join over 31,442  satisfied customers and increase the production level on your next video project!

Easy enough for ANY Video Editor...

All of our virtual sets are so easy a beginner can use them. Each studio comes with multiple angles, backgrounds and assets that can be imported into nearly ANY video editor on the market.


Presenters & Communicators

Easily create presentations and videos in the video editing program of your choice!

Training Videos

Create professional training and sales videos in record time!

Real Estate

Present your client's real estate in a clean and professional setting!


Teach your students the basics of green screen and chroma key video production in a fun and inviting way. Also great for student run news programs!

Online Meetings & live Webinars

Use our backgrounds with OBS and other live streaming programs that will impress your audience!

Unlimited Virtual Set Library

Traditional sites give you limited options with only a pay per item model. Virtual Set Lab now gives you unlimited download access to the ALL the backgrounds you need!

  • Unlimited Download of the BEST Virtual Backgrounds

  • Training & Tutorial Videos

  • HD & 4K  Versions Available

  • Motion Graphics / Loops

  • Zoom and Online Meeting Backgrounds

  • Virtual Desks & Set Pieces

Join the 30,000+ creators and businesses around the world who have used our backgrounds and virtual sets in their video productions.






City Loft Virtual Set Presentation - Virtual Set Lab

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  • 30 Day Satisfaction, Guaranteed

Broadcast & Professional Quality Virtual Sets

Our HD & 4K studios are in mp4 format. They work with any video editing program including: Final Cut, After Effects, Premiere Pro, vMix, Vegas and many many more!

Our virtual sets can even be used in many live production systems! Our customers have used our sets in vMix, OBS and other video production packages to replace a live green screen. All of our sets feature loopable mp4 files that can be used in live productions

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